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Skinconsultant.com is operated and managed by MediReach, Inc. with the consultation from Beverly Hills Elite Laser Dermatology Center. Our goal is to spread knowledge of skin science and skin care. We want every one to have as beautiful skin as the super models. We all are super models in our own way, but we want to help to bring that out to have other people to share our success. Our skin care products have been selected,  tested and used by doctors from Beverly Hill Elite Laser and Dermatology for over past five years. We are very confident to recommend them to you. But like every other life science, it fits a bell shape cure, very few people will be exception. We strongly encourage you to consult your own live doctors before trying any new regimen.

Our Dermatology and Laser Surgery Service are conducted by two certified treatment centers, one is in Beverly Hills and the other in Monterey Park, California USA. We invite you to visit our modern comprehensive facilities to explore many options available to help improve your health and appearance. Our service includes all ranges of Dermatology such as treatment of skin disease, surgery for skin cancer, laser surgery, photodynamic therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, non-invasive rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery. We also offer the newest technology for fat dissolving, chin reduction, mini-face lift, breast reduction and non-surgery penile enlargement.

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